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Tourismustag Sachsen-Anhalt 12.11.2014



170 visitors followed the invitation to the Tourismustag Sachsen-Anhaltt on November 12th 2014 in the "Villa Heine" in Halberstadt. "Qualified employees and a healthy entrepreneurship in tourism" was the topic of this day, combining the Tourismustag Sachsen-Anhalt, Invistitions- und Marketinggesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH (IMG), the Qualitätstag Sachsen-Anhalt des Toursimusverbandes Sachsen-Ahnalt e.V. and the Branchentag Sachsen-Anhalt des DEHOGA Landesverbandes Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. for the first time.



In the framework of the Tourismustag the project team ServiceQualität at the Hochschule Harz Unternehmen was priced with the signet "ServiceQualität Deutschland" by Minister Hartmut Möllring, Head of the LTV Lars-Jörn Zimmer and Prof. Dr. Georg Westermann.



In the evening the winner of the tourism price "Vorreiter" was honored during a commemorativ event. The jury awarded the Halberstadt App of the city of Halberstadt as an important cultural compass of the Harz region. The Halberstadt Information was awarded with that price. Since March, this app, as the first application of this kind in Saxony-Anhalt, enables users to book overnight stays directly.



Further information and information about all the award winners can be found here: