3 DAYS | TRANSROMANICA Short Trip to the Strasse der Romanik

View from the monastic garden towards Jerichow Monastery Picture: Investitions- und Marketinggesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt mbH | Frank Boxler

1st DAY: Enjoy an interesting short trip to Magdeburg and along the Northern loop of the ‘Straße der Romanik’ (Route of the Romanesque). At 1,200 years old, the metropolis on the Elbe river is one of the oldest cities in eastern Germany and has many attractions to offer. On your first day, you should not miss the ‘Kloster Unser lieben Frauen’ (Monastery of Our Lady) and Magdeburg Cathedral. The origins of today’s St. Maurice’s and St. Catherine’s Cathedral, date back to 937 when Emperor Otto I. founded a Benedictine monastery here. The former monastery, which no longer exists, has its roots in a collegiate church founded in 1017/18 underArchbishop Gero.Around 1064, the rebuilding of the former monastery church into a three-nave, cross-shaped pillared basilicy started. Today, it hosts an art museum and concert hall.

Jerichow Monastery in the Altmark region Picture: IMG | F. Boxler
View into the monastic garden of Magdeburg Cathedral Picture: IMG | M. Bader

2nd DAY: On the second day, the journey leads you north to Jerichow Abbey and Havelberg Cathedral. The former collegiate church in Jerichow is one of the oldest and artistically most complete Märkisch brick buildings. The Havelberg cathedral complex includes the Episcopal Church of the bishopric of Havelberg, founded in the 10th century, and the fully preserved cloister building of the Premonstratensian Canonmonastery. The Episcopal Church and the cloister constitute a unique ensemble of extraordinary architectural beauty and cultural and historical significance. Stay in Havelberg for the night.

3rd DAY: On the third day, your journey continues via Seehausen to Lake Arendsee, the largest lake in the Altmark region. Relax during a steamboat trip and enjoy your lunch either on bord or choose a cosy place in the village. Return to Magdeburg or continue your journey.

Our recommendation: If you follow the red ‘Straße der Romanik’ signposting on your way, you will be led to many more Romanesque gems along the route.

Steamboat on Lake Arendsee in the Altmark region Picture: IMG | Luftkurort Arendsee