Bridge of Veiga – Lousada

Located in the parish of Torno, municipality of Lousada, the Bridge of Veiga joins the banks of the Sousa river between the places of Rio and Cachada. This Bridge was probably built during the first half of the 15th century.

Its foundation can be linked to the Monastery of Pombeiro (Felgeiras) considering that São Fins de Torno had belonged to the patronage of that monastic house. In other words, the construction of the Bridge was probably the result of an intervention from the abbots of Pombeiro, aiming to ensure local or regional traffic over the river Sousa.

Besides, friar Amaro – the commendatory abbot of Pombeiro – arrived in Torno in 1427 fleeing from the plague and he could have commissioned this work.

This was the ancient route that headed from the old Marian sanctuary of Our Lady Appeared towards Unhão – the municipality into which this Bridge was integrated until the 19th century and that, currently, is one of the parishes of the Felgueiras municipality.

In that sense, more than being a symbol of national or trans-regional routes – often associated with pilgrimage routes -, the Bridge of Veiga falls within the parish or municipal crossing category, serving ecclesiastical, feudal or secular interests by ensuring the circulation and flow across the meadows of the Sousa river.


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Bridge of Veiga
Rua da Ponte da Veiga, Torno