Chapel of Our Lady of Vale – Paredes

The location of this Chapel explains the evocation of Our Lady of the Valley, the connection between its foundation and the population’s farming interests.

The presence of the pulpit outside the chapel is probably related to pilgrimage liturgical acts, since the large affluence of devotees compelled to an open air celebration. The porch, as the pulpit in the exterior, is common to this type of devotional chapels.

Construction may be dated from the early 16th century, as the transept indicates, or the late 15th century. The portal’s disposition and its sculpture show, however, how the Romanesque motives have lingered in time. The transept still presents traces of mural painting. The representations of musician angels are visible.


Architecture and Furniture

Regular guided visits

Opening times

Celebration: Saturday: 07 pm.


Chapel of Our Lady of Vale
Largo Vitorino Leão Ramos, Cête