Church of Saint Genes of Boelhe – Penafiel

Set on one of the Tâmega River’s banks and in a place of high landscape value, the scale of the temple and the singularity of its sculpture are enough reasons to invite you on a visit to this peculiar Church in the former parish of Saint Genes of Boelhe.

The Church has a single rectangular nave and transept, following the most common planimetric of Portuguese Romanesque architecture. Nevertheless, in spite of its apparent simplicity, one should stress the quality in wall construction where we may observe an impressive amount of geometrical and alphabetical signs.

The mason’s engravings in the Romanesque buildings have, from an earlier stage, become more common in rural churches, especially from the early 13th century onwards.

Although little is known about the workshop’s organization in the Portuguese case, these initials are signs of the mason’s prestige, for they correspond to a signature. Boelhe’s initials, frequent and repeated, suggest that the Church was been built by half a dozen masons.


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Church of Saint Genes of Boelhe
Largo da Igreja, Boelhe


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