Church of Saint Michael of Entre-os-Rios – Penafiel

The Church of Saint Michael of Entre-os-Rios is located in an important territory from the period of the Reconquest. The creation of the territory of “Anegia” is documented in circa 870.

The first reference to the Church of Saint Michael dates back to the late 11th century. The present temple does not correspond to such a late period. It was subject to renovation in the 14th century.

In this church, approaches from the rural Gothic were used in the type of botanical decoration in the cross arch as in the South portal, along with building solutions from the Romanesque period.

The main facade features a very simplified portal. The North portal has received a more profuse decoration. It is framed by an archivolt decorated with motives as diamond tips and beveled leaves, much like the cross arch inside the church, elements that fit in the late Romanesque period and the regional Gothic. The original transept was extended in length and height in the 18th century.


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Church of Saint Michael of Entre-os-Rios
Lugar de Entre-os-Rios, Eja

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Celebration: Saturday: 06 pm.