Church of the Saviour of Aveleda – Lousada

The first references to the Church of the Savior of Aveleda date back to 1177, when Vela Rodrigues donates to the Monastery of the Savior of Paço de Sousa (Penafiel) the property he had inherited in Lousada from his father, Rodrigo Viegas and his grandparents, Egas Moniz and Teresa Afonso. The Church’s devotion appears in the document of 1218, as well as in the “Inquirições” [administrative enquiries] of 1258.

The current building, despite these references, does not date that way back, having been reformed in the Modern Era, retaining only the nave and western façade of Romanesque features.

The Church of the Savior of Aveleda is thus a late Romanesque building, whose interior was object of a decorative campaign during the eighteenth century.


Architecture and Furniture

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Celebrations – Saturday: 6.30 pm; Sunday: 10.30 am.


Church of the Saviour of Aveleda
Lugar da Igreja, Aveleda