Church of the Saviour of Cabeça Santa – Penafiel

The Church of Cabeça Santa is an excellent example for the understanding of Portuguese Romanesque architecture. The itinerancy of artists and models is rather visible in this church.

The portals and the sculpture of the capitals are quite similar to those in the church of Saint Martin of Cedofeita in Porto which, in turn, features decorative approaches similar to the ones used in the Romanesque construction of the See of Porto.

Influences from the latter and from the church of Saint Martin of Cedofeita indicate that this church dates from the first decades of the 13th century:

The West portal features a tympanum where bovine heads were meant to symbolically protect the entrance to the temple.

In the church parvis, in granite flourishing, are three graves excavated in the rock. Against the wall, to the South of the church, are three other medieval sarcophaguses with their respective tombstones.


Architecture and Furniture

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Celebrations: Saturday: 06.30 pm; Sunday: 08 am.


Church of the Saviour of Cabeça Santa
Praça Carlos Pereira Soares, Cabeça Santa