Church of the Saviour of Unhão – Felgueiras

The Church of the Saviour of Unhão is a remarkable testimony of Portuguese Romanesque architecture. The main portal, of excellent quality, features a set of botanical capitals considered among the best sculpted in the whole ensemble of Romanesque specimens from the North of Portugal.

In spite of all the transformations received throughout time, the epigraphy recording the Dedication of a previous church, in January 28th 1165, remains.

The reference to Magister Sisaldis in this epigraphy and the existence of a series of large S markings seem to point to the name of the master at work, a rare element in the panorama of the Portuguese Romanesque architecture.

The mother church of Unhão, of longitudinal design, still presents the Romanesque nave. This nave, built during the first half of the 13th century, shows the compromise between local decorative approaches from the region of the Sousa Valley and others from the region of Braga.


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Celebrations – Saturday: 6 pm (Winter) and 7 pm (Summer); Sunday and Religious Holidays: 8 am


Church of the Saviour of Unhão
Lugar da Igreja, Unhão