Roman-Catholic Cathedral Saint Michael

The construction of the initial Roman-Catholic Cathedral started towards the end of the 11th Century, but today, there are no remains of it. The present cathedral dates back to the late 12th century, the transept and the first part of the sanctuary of the present cathedral were built in the Romanesque style. During the Mongol invasion of 1241 the church was partially destroyed. In the middle of the 13th century the cathedral was rebuilt on the old foundation in the transitory style between Romanesque and Gothic, one of the most impressive early Renaissance interiors in Transylvania. Inside the cathedral, one can find the sarcophagus of John Hunyadi, beside the ones of his brother, Johannes Miles, his elder son, Ladislas, and those of Queen Isabella and her son, Ioan Sigismund. The site is registered in the National Archaeological Repertory of Romania.


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Roman-Catholic Cathedral Saint Michael
Mihai Viteazu Str. 21
510010 Alba Iulia