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VCH-Hotels (Verband Christlicher Hoteliers) is a federation of Christian value-based independent hotels. On top of 3-4* hotels, the group also includesmonasteries, wellness & health resorts, guest houses and conferencefacilities in seven European countries. VCH-Hotels is a cross-marketingpartner of TRANSROMANICA.


Since its foundation of the publishing house in 1827, the Baedeker - travel guides are famous for their high quality and comprehensive information. Numerous editions guide you to the most attractive places and locations of the world, many TRANSROMANICA/CrossCulTour - regions among them. Baedeker is a cross-marketing partner of TRANSROMANICA.
The European Romanesque Center ERZ is an international research and educational institute on the Romanesque epoch. Its activities are rooted on the study of monuments of medieval art and architecture of the Romanesque Road in Saxony-Anhalt/Germany, which is a member of TRANSROMANICA.
The international airport „Aerodrom Ljubljana" provides flight services and other commercial services to its passengers. The main focus in doing so is set on safety, punctuality and quality. It serves as the arrival and connection spot for the visitors of the Slovenian TRANSROMANICA sites.
Turismabile is an initiative to encourage tourism in Piedmont highlighting its history, art and nature. This includes the TRANSROMANICA sites in the region of Piedmont.
Approximately 75 years ago the wine grower's association Freyburg-Unstrut was founded. Today it is characterized by 500 wine growers. The association is a cooperation partner of TRANSROMANICA.
Being a brand of the DB Regio AG Elbe Saale Bahn(German Rail) the connects among others the TRANSROMANICA sites in the Northern part of Saxony-Anhalt via rail travel.
Parchi di Cultura is a project in the TRANSROMANICA region of Modena aiming at safeguarding the territorial's cultural patrimony and fostering cultural growth and social cohesion chances for the inhabitants.
Only products that are growing and being processed in the TRANSROMANICA region "Genussland Kärnten"Carinthia may hold the brand name . On its website you get to know more about the products, recipes and events.
The city of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee is located in the south of the Austrian TRANSROMANICA region of Carinthia. Thanks to its airport, its cultural offer and the nearby lake Wörthersee, it is a tourism destination in winter and summer.
 Modenatur is an incoming tour operator and destination management company in the Italian Province of Modena and the region of Emilia Romagna. The organized group, individual and incentive tours also lead to the TRANSROMANICA sites of the region.
 The secondary schools „Expositur St. Ursula Gurk" in Carinthia/Austria and „Staatliches Gymnasium Arnstadt" in Thuringia/Germany are realising an artistic school exchange with the theme „TRANSROMANICA".