Types of membership


Public and private organizations representing a union of Romanesque buildings in a geographic region Membership fee: 10,000 € per year

Single sites

Public or private organizations representing single Romanesque buildings, towns or limited areas Membership fee: 1,000 € per year

Membership application

  1. Contacting the TRANSROMANICA office
  2. Description of the Romanesque heritage in a questionnaire
  3. Handing in a letter of intent concerning the membership
  4. Screening process and confirmation by the Scientific Advisory Board of TRANSROMANICA
  5. Presentation of the Romanesque heritage at the TRANSROMANICA General Assembly
  6. Vote on admittance to the association by the General Assembly
  7. Signing the Statutes and payment of the membership fee

Benefits and duties of members

Benefits through membership

  • Use of the title “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” & use of the Cultural Routes logo of the Council of Europe;
  • Integration into communication strategy, social media, newsletter, brochures, leaflets, posters, tourism fairs, etc.;
  • Own member profile on the TRANSROMANICA website;
  • Integration into the event calendar of the European Institute of Cultural Routes;
  • Qualified and informal exchange within a European network of researchers and experts;
  • Contacts with new partners across Europe;
  • Exchange and development of synergies with other European Cultural Routes;
  • Possibility for inter-disciplinary cooperation;
  • Additional information on and joint acquisition of EU funds;
  • Internationalmarketing plattformthrough exchange of information and promotion material;
  • Participation in workshops and trainings;
  • Consultation by the TRANSROMANICA office

Duties related to the membership 

  • Use of the TRANSROMANICA and the Cultural Routes logos on all relevant publications incl. websites and social media on the basis of the provided publication guidelines of TRANSROMANICA;
  • Use of the provided unified corporate design for specific TRANSROMANICA activities;
  • Participation in one Europe-wide TRANSROMANICA activity per year;
  • Signage/identification of the Romanesque sites as a member of the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe TRANSROMANICA
  • Translation of texts into the national language and into English;
  • Annual contribution to one out of the five priotity fields of action;
  • Development of one or more TRANSROMANICA travel offers for the region;
  • Documentation and communication of regional meetings of stakeholders;
  • Provision of information and usable pictures about events through the provided event form