Romanesque Award Ceremony

Since 1995, the best initiatives and activities aiming at the vivification and economic strengthening of the “Straße der Romanik” in Saxony-Anhalt have been honored with the annual Romanesque Award. The most outstanding contributions receive one gold medal and two silver medals. The Romanesque Award is donated by the regional association of the FDP in Saxony-Anhalt.

Since 2007, the Ministry of Economy, Science and Digitalization awards a special prize which includes a prize money of 10,000.- € to support municipal initiatives in infrastructure improvements or promotional activities and presentations.

A jury that is appointed by the Tourism Association of Saxony-Anhalt selects the nominees for the Romanesque and the special awards.

The Romanesque Award Ceremony took place at Goseck Castle, the residence of last year’s gold medal awardees “montalbâne Ensemble”, on 28 May 2016.