Thietmar’s River Sail: Re-live the Journey of the Bishop

A fantastic project inspiriting medieval history will take place in Saxony-Anhalt this autumn. Bishop Thietmar of Merseburg – who laid the foundation of Merseburg Cathedral in 1015 – will be sailing the rivers Saale and Elbe from Merseburg to Magdeburg. The historical enactment will demonstrate a journey faithful to history and include a portrayal of historic events.

The “Geschichte(n) erleben” Association that is organizing and hosting the event and TRANSROMANICA are currently still looking for actors and actresses skilled in historical portrayal. If you are interested in becoming part of this reenactment, don’t hesitate to contact organizer Thomas Kirchhoff at


Another possibility of getting involved is the participation in the (Hi)story and Creative Writing Competition. Students aged 11-14 years are invited to contribute to the stories told during the journey. Imagine, you travelled back in the Middle Ages and joined Thietmar on his river sail from Merseburg to Magdeburg. We are looking forward to receiving interesting and creative stories about the person highlighted in the poster. Who is he? Why is he joining the journey? What is his task on the boat? The winning story will be featured in the portrayal! Please contact organizer Mr Thomas Kirchhoff ( for more information about this competition.