This years ceremony to award the winner of 2018 will take place at the Monastery of Wendhusen in Thale on 18th May 2019.


100 guests accepted the invitation of the Tourism Association Saxony-Anhalt e.V. (LTV), organizer of the festive event and coordinator of the successful Cultural Route, for the 23rd Romanesque Award Ceremony on May 26, 2018 in the church “St. Marien and Willebrord” in Schönhausen / Altmark to celebrate the winner for 2017.

The festive event traditionally took place at the previous year’s winner. The guests were welcomed by Pastor Ralf Euker. Under his leadership, the Confirmation Group received the gold medal for their “Qonfip project” at Jerichow Monastery in 2017 for 2016.

With the 2017 Romanesque Prize in Gold, the “Nordharzer Altertumsgesellschaft” (NAG eV) was awarded for its commitment to the early Romanesque Monastery Wendhusen in Thale:
The former monastery complex has been revived since 2007 by the „Nordharzer Altertumsgesellschaft“ and has been made permanently accessible to the public since then. Through outgoing more to the public, the early Carolingian Monastery was given more attention and its value had been ultimately recognized for the network “Romanesque Road”. A special thanks goes to Heinz A. Behrens.

The first Silver Medal awarded the friends and supporters of the reconstruction of Sandauer Kirche e. V. “The reconstructed tower of the Sandau Church is a symbol of peace in Europe after the Second World War. Only through the restless energy of the members of the association could this project be realized and at the same time it is a role model for social engagement” was one of the reasons given for this award in a proposal.

The second Silver Medal was awarded to the children’s group at Neuchâtel Castle. Since 1996, young visitors to Neuchâtel have been abducted to the world of Counts, noble Ladies, Knights and Jugglers. The children’s school was once founded by the association for the rescue of Neuchâtel. With the concept of introducing children to history, giving them a playful journey through the costumes, and familiarizing them with life in the past, the “Kulturstiftung Sachsen-Anhalt” is now helping to instill culture in children´s young years.

The Special Award 2018 of the Ministry of Economics, Science and Digitization, presented by Minister Prof. Dr. med. Armin Willingmann, honered the city of Seehausen for the design and development of the Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas in Beuster as a cultural center in rural Wiping. The individual refurbishment measures contribute significantly to revitalizing the Altmark region, the “Elberadweg” and the “Romanesque Road” with a station to the north. It is directly benefiting infrastructure improvement and tourist development.

The Laudatio to the laureates of the Romanesque Award was given by Holger Hövelmann, Deputy and LTV Chairman. The guests of the 23rd Award Ceremony were welcomed by Pastor Ralf Euker and the first member of the Administrative District of Stendal, Dr. Denis Gruber. The words to the foundation of the Romanesque Award spoke Dr. Marcus Faber, Deputy Chairman of the FDP State Association Saxony-Anhalt.

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