The urbanization of Europe in the Middle Ages and the law of Magdeburg is the focus on that exhibition.

The “Kulturhistorische Museum Magdeburg” is dedicating a fascination to urban life in 2019/20 to a large-scale cultural-historical exhibition, which fits into the series of outstanding medieval exhibitions of the museum in recent years. The exhibition is under the patronage of the Federal President.

Get to know the medieval city as a place of great innovation. Diverse single exhibits from all over Europe, including precious paintings and sculptures, valuable manuscripts and important documents will show you  an experience of  ingenuity and creativity of the medieval city. Learn how the constitution, organization and art and culture of the medieval cities have paved of what still continues to shape our lives.

On 1200 square meters, the special exhibition makes the fascination of this city tangible. More than 250 single exhibits illustrate the innovations that were only possible to made by the settlement model “city”. The focus of the show are cities that are associated with the law of Magdeburg – a city law that influenced the legal life in over 1000 places in Central and Eastern Europe. Thus, it is one of the most powerful city rights of the Middle Ages. Along with urbanization and city law, a new stratum of society developed in that time: the Bourgeoisie.

A separate chapter illuminates bourgeois art and culture. In addition, political life, craft, business and religious life are important aspects of the special exhibition. For the first time in a very long time all four prominent picture manuscripts of the “Sachsenspiegel”, one of the most important legal books of the Middle Ages, are presented together. Selected single exhibits from all over Europe as well as the design and interactive elements that are specially tailored to the exhibition make the facets of medieval city life come alive.

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