IMPACTOUR | Towards a Joint Definition of Cultural Tourism

An online work meeting aiming at coming to a joint definition of Cultural Tourism for the purposes of the IMPACTOUR project took place on 12 January 2021.

The project partners came together to discuss the most suitable definition of Cultural Tourism on the basis of previously collected literature findings, own expertise and experience within the team.

210112_IMPACTOUR Meeting_Cultural Tourism Definition
IMPACTOUR Work Meeting Towards a Joint Definition of Cultural Tourism

With the help of the Miro platform – an online tool for collaborative working – the participants selected, sorted, categorized and managed thoughts, ideas, information and terms. In the end of the meeting, the group agreed on several key parameters that should create the basis for further project activities.

The reflections focus on characteristics such as the motivation of visitors, the participative nature of Cultural Tourism, the interaction with and involvement of local societies as well as the various elements of tangible and intangible heritage that are in the center of the concept.

Following this development of a common frame for the continuation of the IMPACTOUR project work, further discussions and exchanges will take place about relevant and more detailed explanations of certain aspects, characteristics and features of the concept of Cultural Tourism.