Meeting of the Advisory Body of the “Straße der Romanik”

In order to exchange about the latest developments in relation to the “Route of the Romanesque”, the Tourism Association of Saxony-Anhalt invited its stakeholders to participate in a virtual advisory body meeting that took place on 4 May 2021.


Representatives of Romanesque heritage sites, tourism organisations, educational institutions and scientific partners informed each other on the implementation of running projects as well as plans for future initiatives and discussed possible forms of cooperation for upcoming tasks and actions.

In addition to an exchange on first thoughts and ideas concerning the celebrations on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the “Route of the Romanesque” in 2023, the agenda included discussions linked to internal network activities and facilities such as the launch of a new e-learning platform or the implementation of a quality offensive.

A short presentation of the MOMAr and IMPACTOUR EU projects, the announcement of the upcoming TRANSROMANICA Day, first steps towards a new structuring and further development of the Romanesque Award Ceremony as well as the kick-off for the planning phase of the 30th anniversary of the “Route of the Romanesque” and the demonstration of possibilities to participate in the e-learning platform were among the most relevant information for the European TRANSROMANICA network and will be supported by the TRANSROMANICA office.