Dream, then Travel!

“A TRANSROMANICA Week in Slovakia” was the theme of the cooperation between Tea Gudek Snajdar, owner of the Travel Blog Culture Tourist, and TRANSROMANICA in September 2021.

As an Art Historian, art lover and travel addict it was hard for her (like for so many others) to not travel during the crisis. And this is why she invented this campaign and created a possibilty to inspire travellers during the pandemic of places they wouldn´t have thought of first hand and where to travel afterwards. In her Blog, she is taking you to fantastic settings of art and architecture, culture and nature.

While designing our set of 44 TRANSROMANICA colouring postcards, Tea presented us more detailed her idea of the campaign “Dream, then Travel”. The aim of this campaign is to inspire travellers when looking for a new destination during the COVID-19 crisis and where to travel next once its over. Following this idea, Tea discovered the TRANSROMANICA sites in Slovakia and takes you on a journey to show off the beaten track a region without overtourism, what makes Slovakia so special and what makes it definitely worth a visit once its safe to travel again!

In her first article she writes about her travel to Slovakia, the fantastic medieval settings of TRANSROMANICA and what makes them so magical to her. By exploring this peaceful region without beeing surrounded by many people, she gives you an impression about her experiences, what she liked most and what she didn´t expect from Slovakia as it was also her first time in this beautiful country.

In her second article she writes about the breathtaking area of Spišská Kapitula and Spišské Podhradie. While she was exploring this region she visited beautiful Spiš Castle, which is one of the best preserved medieval fortifications in Europe, and St. Martin´s Cathedral with its old library which is located directly above the chapel. While reading her article you get an impression how magical this region still is and that it hasn´t lost its medieval character since the middle ages. What she liked most and what makes this region the perfect fit if you´re looking for a little medieval time out, she shares in her article.

She also produced a video about her trip to Slovakia in which you can go on an adventure with Tea Gudek Šnajdar alongside the beautiful highlight sites of TRANSROMANICA in Slovakia. She started her trip in the main capital Bratislava and takes you on a journey from Bíňa through Diakovce to Spišská Kapitula.
While her visit in Bíňa she met Anna Tuhárska from the Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic and talked with her about the importance of this city in the middle ages.
Following the TRANSROMANICA sites she visited the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Diakovce where she explored the remains of an old Benedictine monastery inside the church.
Her last stop took her to the historic town of Spišská Kapitula which is surrounded by solid walls and still today able to enter only through one of its city gates. Here she met the city archivist Monika Bizoňová with whom she explored St. Martin´s Cathedral and its hidden treasures.
You can check out her video on YouTube.