11th training academy of cultural routes of the council of europe

The 11th edition of the Training Academy on Cultural Routes took place in Brindisi (Italy) in the heart of the Apulia region from 4th to 7th June. The organization of this event corresponded with the 30th anniversary of the Via Francigena since its “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” certification.

© Association “Brindisi e le Antiche Strade”

This event was organised by the European Institute of the Cultural Routes (EICR) and the European Association of the Via Francigena Ways (EAVF), carrier network of the Via Francigena (certified Cultural Route of the Council of Europe since 1994), with the support of the Apulia region and the city of Brindisi, and in cooperation with the association “Brindisi e le Antiche Strade”

This year, the 2024 Training Academy gathered more than 100 representatives from 22 countries and 37 Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe representing an enormous success for fruitful exchanges of experiences and best practices.

The inauguration ceremony was moderated by Ms. Rosy Barretta, the President of the “Brindisi e le Antiche Strade” Association and was marked by several interventions including the Mayor of the City of Brindisi, Mr. Giuseppe Marchionna; the EAVF Vice President and Director of the Department of Tourism, Apulia Region, Mr. Aldo Patruno; the Representative of Italy to the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, Ministry of Culture of Italy, Ms. Maria Giusi Luprano; the President of the Italian National Tourism Agency (ENIT), Ms. Alessandra Priante and the Executive Secretary of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Route of the Council of Europe and the Director of the European Institute of Cultural Routes, Mr. Stefano Dominioni with a significant speech on “Highlights of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe Programme”.

The theme of the Training Academy 2024 was “European cooperation and sustainable development” featuring 6 working sessions with a specific focus on walking routes, European projects, cooperation, tourism and sustainability among the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe. These sessions included insightful presentations from important keynote speakers: Mr. David Ward-Perkins, Senior Associate of TEAM Tourism Consulting; Mr. Basel Sai, Department of Tourism, Cultural Economy and Territorial Development, Apulia Region; Ms. Anna Introna, EU Projects manager, Apulia Region; Mr.Luca Bruschi, Director of the Via Francigena; Mr.Matteo Nardin, Marketing Project Manager, European Travel Commission; Ms. Stefanie Bischof, Manager, The Hansa; and Mr.Angelofabio Attollico, Responsible Office for the walking routes, Apulia Region. More information and the programme can be found here.

A specific session on slow tourism and cooperation between Via Francigena members and key stakeholders was moderated by Ms. Tullia Caballero, Director, Sloways Operator; Mrs Giorgio Rabajoli, Sales Director Italy, Ferrino; Mr.Matteo Corrado, CAMCO; Mr.Marco Zuchetti, Senior PR Manager, Flixbus; Mr.Valero Barchi, Comics author and artist.

During the four days of intensive working sessions, the participants also had the opportunity to discover the cultural and the gastronomic heritage of the City of Brindisi and of the Apulia region.

© European Institute of Cultural Routes