Catalonia was outside the sphere of influence of Motzarab art. Rather, it had close ties with France and Italy. From the 11th century onwards, architecture developed here that ties in with Lombard traditions. It stayed in remote Pyrenean valleys until the 13th century.
Northwestern Spain Cistercian influences and in the larger townspeople of western France influenced Romanesque.
At the same time, there was a real building fever on the pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Campostela and the construction of numerous church buildings, in which the French influence prevailed. The Cathedral of Santiago de Campostela is the undisputed masterpiece of this style.

Castile and León

Castile and León boasts to possessing over 2000 monuments approximately. The richness of its buildings is a direct result of the history of the territory, where the kingdoms of León and Castile reigned. Moreover, the pilgrimage route to Compostela helped to mold the area.