Monastery of Saint Mary of Pombeiro – Felgueiras

The oldest documented reference concerning Pombeiro is from 1099, recording the existence of a coenobium. However, it is even more significant for the understanding of this monastic house’s history the document from February 10th 1102. This document states that the Monastery was founded by Gomes Echiegues and his wife Gontroda.

On August 1st 1112, Lady Teresa grants a Land Charter to the monastery, turning it into a privileged land with a judicial system of its own run by its abbot.


Architecture and Furniture

Regular guided visits

Opening times

Celebrations: Sunday: 8 am and 10.45 am; Holidays and Religious Holidays: 8 and 10.45 am


Monastery of Saint Mary of Pombeiro
Lugar do Mosteiro, Pombeiro de Ribavizela