The Casadean Sites

The “European Network of Casadean Sites” is a French association created on the 13th of October 2001, to mark the thousandth anniversary of St. Robert of Turlande, founder of the abbey of La Chaise-Dieu. Born in La Chaise-Dieu in 1050, the Casadean congregation, following the rule of St. Benedict, spread rapidly, and prospered throughout Western Europe. For over seven centuries, the abbey was the head of a large network of abbeys and priories. With the Cluniac and Cistercian networks, La Chaise-Dieu in the Middle Ages was one of the three most important monastic congregations. In all, nearly nine hundred Casadean sites have been identified in five countries: France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland. The Casadean network is also characterised by its strong rural character, as the vast majority of sites are located outside urban areas.