5 DAYS | TRANSROMANICA Short Trip to Serbia

Sopoćani Monastery | UNESCO World Heritage Site | Picture: D.Bosnic

1st DAY: After a hearty breakfast in the town of Kraljevo visit Žiča Monastery. After lunch in the “Etno brvnara” restaurant enjoy a ride through the picturesque area by the Ibar river towards Studenica Monastery. The Treasury of the Studenica will introduce you to the ring of King Stefan the First-crowned, religious artefacts, frescoes, books and other very important relics of the Serbian medieval church and state. At Studenica Monastery you can rest in the dormitory and taste the “monastic dinner”.

Žiča Monastery | Picture: D. Bosnic
Crucifixion Fresco at Studenica Monastery | UNESCO World Heritage | Picture: Branko Jovanović | NTOS Archive









2nd DAY: On the second day of your tour, Studenica Monastery with its Church of the Mother of God and the King’s Church will take your attention during the whole morning. This church blends a Byzantine sense of space and exterior forms in white marble with frescoes that are masterpieces of Byzantine painting from the early 13th century, making the Church of the Mother of God the masterpiece of central European architecture. After a demanding morning full of art and history, a lunch in the Studenica Monastery Dormitory could be just the right thing. In the afternoon, a one-hour trip will take you to Gradac Monastery close to the town of Raška. Gradac Monastery,which was endowed by Queen Helen of Anjou, a French princess and the wife of King Uroš I is located in the unspoiled natural surroundings of Western Serbia. The Golija Mountain, on whose slopes the monastery stands, has been declared the Golija-Studenica Biosphere Reserve on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Travel to the village of Rudno on the Golija Mountain. There you can enjoy an overnight stay in houses with traditional architecture and a specific village atmosphere, and dinner with traditional dishes.

Đurđevi Stupovi Monastery | Picture: D. Bosnic

3rd DAY: A rural breakfast will give you the energy you’ll need for the whole day. On the third day, take a drive along Via Rudno to Novi Pazar and the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, also known as Petrova Crkva (Peter’s Church). This church is among the oldest medieval religious properties in Serbia. Historical sources prove that an episcopal building at that site was already mentioned in the 10th century. Very close to it you will discover Đurđevi Stupovi Monastery, dominating the town from the woody hill. While in the town of Novi Pazar have lunch in one of the numerous traditional restaurants where you should not miss lepinja nad ćeva-pi. You could also visit the Ras Museum in Novi Pazar with impressive ethnographic exhibits. The medieval spirit will follow you on the visit to the Novi Pazar fortress. Rest overnight at the hotel “Tadž” and relax for the next day.

Sopoćani Monastery | UNESCO World Heritage Site | Picture: B.Jovanovic

4th DAY: The morning is reserved for a visit to Sopoćani Monastery, famous for its fresco paintings. Together with the Stari Ras fortress, Đurđevi Stupovi, Sopoćani Monastery and the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Travel to Kopaonik Mountain Resort and have lunch in one of the numerous restaurants before your afternoon activities which will differ in winter and in summer. After evening fun and an overnight stay here, the Ibar River is waiting for you.

5th DAY: Water rafting on the Ibar River from Ušće to theMaglič Fortress will take your mind off everyday life and show you sights to remember. After a long day full of different activities the town of Kraljevo will warmly welcome you.

Kopaonik National Park | Picture: D. Bosnic
Kopaonik National Park Ski Resort | Picture: D. Bosnic










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