5 DAYS | TRANSROMANICA Short Trip to the “Straße der Romanik”

Crypt at the Monastery and Imperial Palace Memleben | Picture: IMG | Juraj Lipták

1st DAY: The journey will show you the beauties of the Southern loop of the ‘Straße der Romanik’ (Route of the Romanesque). On the first day you travel to the Harz mountains to discover the world heritage town of Quedlinburg. The ‘Schlossberg’ with the Collegiate Church St. Servatius, the Wiperti Church and the ‘Münzenberg’ opposite the Schlossberg belong to Route of the Romanesque. A stroll through the imposing Harz town, which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage, shows a closed ensemble of half-timbered architecture. Take your time to explore the town center, enjoy a cozy dinner and stay for the night.

Museum Monastery and Imperial Palace Memleben | Picture: IMG | F. Boxler

2nd DAY: On the second day, make a detour to nearby Thale with the ‘Bodetal’, ‘Hexentanzplatz’ and the Wendhusen Monastery, the oldest monastery in Saxony-Anhalt. The journey continues to the South of Saxony- Anhalt, to Querfurt, where you can visit the medieval castle, and Memleben, the former imperial palace and place of death of Heinrich I and Otto I. If you wish, you can have dinner and spend the night in the monastery.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: If your time allows it, pay a visit to the ‘Arche Nebra’ right at the place of discovery of the famous Nebra Sky Disk. The modern exhibition center will let you go on a journey of 3600 years back in time.

3rd DAY: Today, you will find yourself travelling along the Saale-Unstrut Wine Route in the Northern quality winegrowing region. If you didn’t have the chance yet, don’t miss the ‘Arche Nebra’. You can also have lunch here. Afterwards, your journey continues towards Freyburg (Unstrut) with the ‘Rotkäppchen Sektkellerei’ (sparkling wine house) and Neuenburg Castle with its Wine Museum and Romanesque double chapel. You can choose to stay and have dinner either in Freyburg or Naumburg. A taste of the local Saale-Unstrut wine is recommended.

View of Freyburg (Unstrut) | Picture: IMG

4th DAY: Naumburg, a small town with a medieval centre; the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, the Nietzsche house and the Church of St. Wenzel offer enough variety for a whole day. If your legs need a rest, you can relax during a ride on the historic tram that runs through the town. Stay in Naumburg for the night. In the town center there are plenty of dinner options.

5th DAY: On the last day, your journey leads to Merseburg, which is about 35km away. Merseburg Cathedral is one of the highlights along the Route of the Romanesque.

View towards Naumburg Cathedral | Picture: Stadt Naumburg | Kultur und Tourismus

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