Monastery Gradac

The Monastery is loacted on the raised plateau above the river Brvenica on the woody slopes of Golija Mount. The year of its foundation cannot be determined; it is taken as if it were in the last quarter of XIII century. It is the endowment of the Queen Helen d’Anjou, wife of King Uroš I, where she was burred in 1314. Helen d’Anjou was born in France and thanks to her origin many Romanesque and, generally, Western European elements found its way to Serbia, as witnessed by her Endowment. The Monastery complex is dominated by the magnificent Church of our Lady, one-nave and one-dome edifice. The structure of the church differ from the then prevailing architectural tendencies towards slimmer and elongated buildings, reverting to the old models, primarily Studenica.
The synthesis of the Byzantine and Romanesque elements rank the church among the monuments belonging to the Raška School, however enriched by new formal, constructive and decorative solutions, akin to the art of the West.
The architectural plastic carries the properties of the mature and late Romanesque art, like some early Gothic, all being reflected primarily in the finishing of the portal capitol, mostly marble framed windows and a series of blind arcades of the roof corona. Second to Studenica, it was the most richly adorned church of 13th century Serbia.

Opening times

The Monastery is open for visitors daily between 9 AM and 5 PM
– Souvenir shop hours 9 AM to 6 PM
– Curators available
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36350 Raska
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