Sopoćani Monastery

The Monastery is situated near the source of the River Raška, not far from the ancient town of Ras, once the Serbian Capital.  The Monastery with the church devoted to Trinity, it is the endowment of King Uroš I (1243-1276). It was built in the second half of 13th century, and became mausoleum of the royal family. From outside the church looks like a three-nave basilica. In that, way the Sopoćanska Church resembles in its form, the Romanesque churches of the West. The portals (door) and all the windows, except of the cupola are Romanesque in shape. The westernmost part of the church with a tower – turret is built later on and bears the characteristics of Romanesque art. Although Sopoćanska Church has not many rich adornments carved in marble on the façade, portals and doors, its greatest artistic achievement and value is the internal decoration – frescoes, as one of the most exquisite painting masterpieces of the European art of 13th century. The Monastery compound of Sopoćani (together with the complex of the Ancient Ras) because of exceptional spiritual, cultural and artistic value was included by UNESCO, in 1979 in the List of the World Cultural Heritage.