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Ss. Peter und Paul`s Cathedral – Naumburg


Among the many outstanding pieces of art are the west-choir with its display of the Passion story and the famous founding figures Uta and Ekkehart.

The Romanesque elements of the cathedral add to its modest beauty.

A unique attraction is the three-parted Romanesque crypt dating back to 1160/ 70 and 1220/1230, with its fascinating atmosphere and magnificent Romanesque crucifix dating back to 1160. A rare architectural detail is the oldest existing choir screen of the late Romanesque period. Other Romanesque elements include the east-choir and steeples as well as the main portal, showing the ascension of Christ.


The construction of the late Romanesque cathedral began in the year 1210. The second cathedral was designed as a three-nave basilica in the 13th/ 14th century. The stone sculptures displaying the Passion story as well as the founders, were created in the 13th century.

After a great fire in 1532, the appearance of the cathedral changed, with many of its colourful interiors being lost.

In 1542 the first protestant bishop, Nikolaus von Amsdorf, was appointed by Martin Luther.

In the 18th century, many baroque elements were added to the cathedral. During the restoration of the cathedral in the late 19th century, however, many of the features were removed in order to restore the original appearance of the old Romanesque cathedral.


The history of the Naumburg cathedral began with the transfer of the bishop’s residence from Zeitz to Naumburg. The construction of the cathedral started in 1210. The late Romanesque influence on the architectural style of the building becomes evident when looking at the outer structure of the cathedral.

The west-choir gate with its display of the suffering Christ and the west-choir as well as the northwest spire were built in gothic style.

The figures displayed inside the cathedral are impressive due to their outstanding realistic style. Worth mentioning as well is the three-parted crypt.

The Naumburg cathedral has an outstanding decorative element, which is the main portal that was created in 1230. It displays the iconographically rare ascension of Christ.

The east-extension of the crypt shows a romanesque crucifix dating back to 1160/ 70, which shows triumphant Christ. Impressive capitals with abundant decorative elements add to the outstanding design of the cathedral.

Relief displays of the suffering of Christ and the twelve founding figures catch the eye of the onlooker, as their realistic design is unique in European art of the 13th century.


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