The Zica Monastery

The Žiča Monastery with the Church of the Savoir (Ascension of Christ) is in Central Serbia, between Kraljevo and Mataruška Spa, and was commissioned by Nemanja’s sons, Stefan the First Crowned and Sava. The time is not exactly known. It has been assumed that it was started in 1206 and most probably completed by 1220. Žiča turned into the first Seat of the Serbian Archbishoprics in 1219, when Sava Nemanjić became the first Serbian Archbishop and the Church acquired autocephaly. Sava crowned Stefan the First Crowned in Žiča as the first King of Serbia. Žiča is known as the Coronation Church, (seven Kings of Serbia were coroneted there) and the church of designation of the Serbian Archbishops.
Žiča became the first Seat of the Serbian Archbishopric in 1219, when Sava Nemanjić became the first Serbian Archbishop, and Serbia acquired autocephaly of its Church. It was decorated in frescoes after the acquisition of autonomy.
The architecture of Žiča follows the earlier Nemanja’s endowments, but is characterized by a considerably more complex building program, which became a model for the entire later Raška architecture.
A robust Romanesque turret was built in front of the added monumental narthex.
The Romanesque influence was reflected in the decoration of the portal and windows of this edifice as well as in the characteristic friezes of blind arcades. Scarce remnants of sculptures still clearly indicate Romanesque impact, most probably brought by the artisans of Kotor.

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Zica Monastery

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