Category: Abbeys and Monasteries

Collegiate Church of St. Servatius – Quedlinburg

The former collegiate church St. Servatii is one of the most famous high Romanesque buildings in Germany. In the 10th century Quedlinburg became one of the most important palatinate under the rule of King Heinrich I. After Henry‘s death his widow Mathilde founded a monastery for women on the Schlossberg (castle`s mount).

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Saint Mary’s Abbey Vezzolano – Albugnano

The Abbey of Santa Maria di Vezzolano (St Mary of Vezzolano) is one of Piedmont’s best preserved ancient monuments. It stands at the bottom of one of the Monferrato region’s highest hills at the end of a minor road, which, as it passes alongside the Abbey, allows the visitor to gain ever more fascinating glimpses of the complex’s tower and main building before he or she finally arrives at its lovely facade.

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Monastery of the Saviour of Travanca – Amarante

Tradition says that Garcia Moniz, son of Moninho Viegas, the Gasco, was the founder of the Monastery of the Saviour of Travanca in the second half of the 11th century.

Throughout the Middle Ages, Travanca played a relevant part in the economic, political and religious control of the region, either by donations or the zealous administration of its assets.

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