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INTRODUCTION The Monastery of Ferreira de Pantón is an exceptional historical and architectural ensemble. It has the peculiarity of being the only monastery in Galicia that preserves its monastic function, almost from its foundation to the present day. HISTORY Although the legend traces its foundation back to Charlemagne, the mentioning of Ecclesia of Santa Maria [...]
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Millstatt Abbey

INTRODUCTION Millstatt Abbey is a former monastery in ´Millstatt am See ́ in Austria. The collegiate church and the Millstatt cloister are among the most representative Romanesque buildings in Carinthia, primarily due to their abundant animal symbolism. For centuries, the monastery was the spiritual and cultural centre of Upper Carinthia. With its possessions around Lake [...]
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Đurđevi Stupovi Monastery

The Monastery Đurđevi Stupovi is located near Novi Pazar, on top of a cone-like elevation, a rare position in the Serbian Medieval Art for a monastery being on a prominent place.

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Sopoćani Monastery

The Sopoćani Monastery is situated near the source of the River Raška, not far from the ancient town of Ras, once the Serbian Capital. The Monastery with the church devoted to Trinity, it is the endowment of King Uroš I (1243-1276).

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Gradac Monastery

The Monastery is located on the raised plateau above the river Brvenica on the woody slopes of Golija Mount. The year of its foundation cannot be determined; it is taken as if it were in the last quarter of XIII century.

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Studenica Monastery

The Monastery is near the Ibarska Gorge, near the settlement of Ušće, surrounded by fascinating hilly and lush forest landscape. The construction of the Monastery is associated with the zenith might of Stefan Nemanja.

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Žiča Monastery

The Žiča Monastery with the Church of the Savoir (Ascension of Christ) is in Central Serbia, between Kraljevo and Mataruška Spa, and was commissioned by Nemanja’s sons, Stefan the First Crowned and Sava. The time is not exactly known. It has been assumed that it was started in 1206 and most probably completed by 1220.

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Monastery of Saint Mary of Pombeiro – Felgueiras

A visit to the Monastery of Saint Mary of Pombeiro should start in a place overlooking the valley in order to fully appreciate the location of one of the most important Benedictine monasteries of the region between the Douro and Minho Rivers regarding the richness of the building program.

The choice of its location still indicates how the monastic communities sought to build in the best farming lands, in plain areas, abundant in water.

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Monastery of Saint Peter of Ferreira – Paços de Ferreira

The Church of the Monastery of Saint Peter of Ferreira is one of the most elaborate monuments of the Portuguese Romanesque.

The origins of this monastery are still surrounded in mystery, although it is prior to 1182, when the Church is explicitly referred and the current temple began to be built. However, its origins are much older, presumably from the 10th century, as stated in the reference made to it in the will of Mumadona Dias, from 959.

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