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Holy Cathedral Church of Zamora – Zamora

INTRODUCTION The Holy Cathedral Church is the most important religious, historical and artistic building in the diocese of Zamora. It receives the name of "cathedral" for being the Bishop's church and is such a unique church full of innumerable historical references. For more than eight hundred years, many people and events were linked to it [...]
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Roman-Catholic Cathedral of St. Michael – Alba Iulia

INTRODUCTION Saint Michael’s Cathedral of Alba Iulia was built between 1247 and 1291, which makes it contemporary to the famous Notre Dame of Paris. Furthermore, it appears that a great French architect, Villard de Honnecourt, contributed to its design. In addition to being the oldest and the longest cathedral in Romania (at 89.16 m measured [...]
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Provostry and Cathedral of St. Martin – Spišská Kapitula

INTRODUCTION The most important building of Spišská Kapitula, which was along with other monuments in environs of the Spiš Castle inscribed in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage, is the Late-Romanesque St Martins Cathedral. Almost unique is the stone sculpture of Leo Albus from the second third of the 13th century. It is one [...]
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Koenigslutter Imperial Cathedral – Koenigslutter

INTRODUCTION With its high-rising towers looming over the northern edge of the Elm-mountains, the former St Peter and Paul Benedictine abbey church, the modern-day “Kaiserdom”, is visible for many miles around. At the time of its construction, in the middle of the 12 century, it was one of the biggest buildings in Northern Germany, and [...]
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Ss. John the Baptist and Lawrence`s Cathedral – Merseburg

The crypt of the cathedral of Merseburg St. Johannes and Laurentius from the early 11th century is one of the most important and most beautiful examples of the Romanesque architecture in Germany. In the cathedral`s library the famous “Merseburger spells ” were discovered, written in old-high-German language.

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Ss. Peter und Paul`s Cathedral – Naumburg

Among the many outstanding pieces of art are the west-choire with its display of the Passion story and the famous founding figures Uta and Ekkehart.
The romanesque elements of the cathedral add to its plain beauty.

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