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INTRODUCTION The Maria Wörth church complex consists of the parish and former collegiate church, the smaller winter church, a Romanesque church, the cemeteries and the three churchyard portals. Until a connection between the church island and the mainland in 1770, it stood on a peninsula on lake Wörthersee. HISTORY The place "Uweride" came into the [...]
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Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary – Diakovce

INTRODUCTION The Romanesque Church of the Virgin Mary at Diakovce is a typical example of the Romanesque brick architecture found mainly in the south-eastern parts of Slovakia. The village of Diakovce is situated in a level country in the Danube Lowlands in south-west Slovakia. A Benedictine abbey was established here, probably in the 11th century, [...]
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Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary – Bíňa

INTRODUCTION The Roman Catholic church of the Virgin Mary with two towers built before 1217 is one of the sights of the village. Originally a Romanesque monastic church from the beginning of 13th century represents a late Romanesque building with unique Roman and early Gothic elements of European significance. HISTORY The church was created as [...]
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