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Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe in Saxony-Anhalt

Our roll-up exhibition on the certified Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe that are crossing Germany moved forward to the next exhibition venue. It can be explored from 26 March until 25 April 2022 inside the Parish Church of St. Stephen in Osterwieck, which is part of the Route of the Romanesque in Saxony-Anhalt. […]

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Romanesque Day in Saxony-Anhalt

On the Romanesque Day, as well as on the Open Monumet Day in September, special guided tours, events and concerts along the Route of the Romanesque are offered. In 2020 the Romanesque Day will take place all over Saxony-Ahalt on 23rd May. On this day visitors have the opportunity to discover new things along the […]

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Study on the Internationalisation of the Route of the Romanesque for the Asian Market

In a global context marked by a strong competition, we need to outline the best strategies to reach emerging international markets outside Europe. Entering and being present in these tourist markets offers countless opportunities, but it also gives rise to new challenges. So, on Monday 20 January, at 2:30 pm, at the Interpretation Centre of the Romanesque, […]

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